Submerged aquatic vegegation

Submerged Aquatic Vegetation is the cornerstone to healthy ecosystems

Submerged aquatic vegetation provides habitat and food for the entire surrounding ecosystem. Submerged aquatic vegetation are foraged by both aquatic and terrestrial animals. Many aquatic animals hide under the cover of the leaf canopy for protection from predators.

Aquatic animals that depend on submerged aquatic vegetation include turtles, snails, fish, and endangered manatees. Terrestrial animals that forage on submerged aquatic vegetation include deer, ducks, and geese.

The shade provided by submerged aquatic vegetation keeps shallow waters cooler and oxygenated and can make the difference between a sterile or thriving ecosystem.

Often healthy submerged aquatic vegetation is destroyed by poor water quality conditions and cannot re-establish without help. Sea and Shoreline specializes in these situations.

Submerged aquatic vegetation growth is often hindered because of excess herbivory, however, when properly caged with GrowSAV cages, founder colonies can quickly repopulate the waterbody.

Sea and Shoreline's GrowSav cages protect

submerged aquatic vegetagion