Sea & Shoreline handles all aspects of oyster reef creation from idea inception to a finished oyster reef project.

Research shows that the best shells to put out for oyster restoration projects are fossilized, rather than live shells recycled from restaurants. Why? Recruitment of oyster and barnacle spat are dictated by certain chemical cues. Live oyster shells tend to release a higher quantity of these chemical cues, which in turn attract unwanted spat, such as barnacles, to the shell faster. On the other hand, fossilized shells' chemical cues have leached out millenea ago. Oyster spat that collects on these shells have ample space to mature to a size where the oysters outcompete the barnacles.

We deal directly with the mines to get the highest quality fossilized oyster shells!

oyster reefs

An oyster filters 50 gallons of water every day!