Jim Anderson


Carter is responsible for the acquisition, management,
and success of Sea & Shoreline's habitat restoration projects.

He is a native Floridian with a passion for creating self-sustaining natural aquatic habitats through education and scientifically-proven restoration methods.

Carter holds a degree in Biology from the University of South
Florida (USF) and has held positions with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Insitute (FWRI) and Seagrass Recovery, Inc.  where he was Chief Biologist and Project Manager for some of the largest and most successful Florida seagrass projects to date. 

Our Management team

Carter henne


Jim is responsible for cultivating seagrass, maintaining nurseries, and developing technologies that ensure efficiencies and success in restoration projects.

Jim spent most of his career in turf farming and nursery production of ornamental plants. To date, Jim has developed and patented several subaquatic restoration technologies including an underwater liquid fertilization system, a planting machine that mechanizes the back-breaking work of hand-planting seagrass beds, a transplantation system for salvaging and transporting large pieces of seagrass sod, and sediment tubes for repairing erosion from propellar scars.

Jim has worked with the USACE, NOAA, FDEP, FWC/FWRI, and others to explore options for reversing seagrass losses.